Create a store, share the link, sell your products. All in just a matter of minutes. It's selling online, simplified.

SumUp was making card payments easy for 1.5 million businesses globally. To help those businesses sell to a far larger customer base and take orders online from around the world SumUp acquired Shoplo, an e‑commerce product company where I was working.

Because most SumUp's users were small businesses, we created this new, much simpler online selling solution as an MVP that we were going to launch along with the full solution – rebranded Shoplo.

I was responsible for the end‑to‑end design of the product and then supported the marketing team with communications and website content. It was released in 7 European countries in spring‑summer 2020 just in time to help businesses during the pandemic.



UX Design

Lo‑fi prototyping

Hi‑fi prototyping

UI Design

Web Design

Systems Design

Assets production

07/2019 - 04/2020