SumUp was making card payments easy for 1.5 million businesses globally with their POS systems and card readers. To help those businesses sell to a far larger number of customers and take orders online from around the world SumUp acquired Shoplo (think Shopify), an e‑commerce product company where I worked as UI/UX and Product Designer taking ownership of and leading all aspects of design.

Because most SumUp's users were micro‑businesses (quick service restaurants, retail shops, venues), Shoplo product with its complete set of e‑commerce tools would be too much (it was launched as Online Store Professional). Our strategy was to build a new very simple and fast to set up online selling solution within a short period of time – Online Store Starter, and, together with Online Store Professional, soft‑launch it for SumUp's customers in 7 European countries, draw insights and then expand to the rest of EU and LATAM.

ProblemThe problem I was solving was to allow merchants to showcase their products/services on a webpage, create easy‑to‑share links, take orders via social channels such as Instagram, and take payments online.

ChallengesIn order to make the customer experience most intuitive and continuous we had to make sure that Shoplo solutions feel like SumUp. That meant, I had to design across SumUp's iOS and web platforms, and continue that epxerience on Shoplo's web and webviews.

Another challenge was that it was going to be SumUp's first major web product, and to support quality and consistency of the interface we needed a design system. I paired up with Boris, another Product Designer at SumUp, and we made it our initiative to solve this particular problem as well as lay a scalable foundation for the future SumUp's multi‑platform suite of products.

Deliverables and outcomesMy work started with understanding our users, their needs and goals in selling online (SumUp's product and marketing teams provided their research conducted prior to acquisition). I was responsible for the end‑to‑end design of the product, key deliverables included:

  1. IA, User flows
  2. Wireframes, Prototypes
  3. Design System
  4. UX Writing
  5. Visual Design, Final Mockups
  6. Content localisation

Online Store Starter was released in 7 European countries in May 2020 and helped businesses operate during the pandemic.


Transacting merchants within 1 month after launching


TPV, 6 months after launching

InsightsIt proved to be really simple and easy to use, with a lot of positive feedback. Merchants have complemented on all the functionalities we set out to provide with Starter. However, they also asked for multiple extra features, like more advanced item management capabilities (product variations, description formatting, inventory), possibility of modifying storefront appearance, advanced order management, and discount codes.

On the other hand, we learnt that Professional is too advanced for SumUp type/size merchants and they don't need all of the complexity that comes with it (advanced dashboard and monitoring, integrations and plug‑in store, automations, store builder, pages and blog managment, and more). Maintaining it just didn't make sense.

This informed the decision to build one product that sits in the middle, which was developed and announced 1,5 years later in Oct 2021.



UX Design

Systems Design

UI Design

Visual Design

Product Design

07/2019 - 04/2020