My approach to design

First of all, I am a user, and I enjoy using tools that work well and feel great to use. My favorite tools I use every day are designed and built that way.

I have the breadth of Product Design experience, and I specialise in detailed UI, Interaction, and Systems Design that I can combine with code. So, I can go deep into the interface and visual design of a mature product, but could be equally happy in a startup as a product designer creating something I'm personally passionate about.

My process is based on design thinking and user‑centered design principles. When working on a design solution I ask questions and iterate until that solution answers all of them. And I prefer a holistic approach, playing the long game, doing scalable design.

Main Skills
Design Thinking
UX Design
Visual Communication

Strengths & Passions
Detailed UI Design
Interaction Design
Systems Design


Over 6 years of experience designing end‑to‑end products and features, working both, remotely and in‑house. I have worked as the only designer in startups and mid‑sized product companies, as well as part of a team of more than 30 designers in a 1000+ company, collaborating with product and brand colleagues, developers, data analysts, marketing and customer success teams.

Most my jobs lasted from 1 to 2.5 years. Such time frames allowed me to create scalable design foundations, maintain quality, and do it within the broadest context and with a long‑term vision for the future of the products.

Work history on LinkedIn.

Work aside

I love to travel the conventional way. But in the past few years I started regularly exploring remote nature with a backpack and a tent. It's incredibly fulfilling. I have a couple of friends who also have that passion. It's an important part of my life now.

Warsaw was my home for 5 years. That's where I fell in love with… cycling. It's the thing I miss the most about that city, apart from friends. It also became my gym and my main means of transportation. I had a custom‑built 8kg single‑speed, 23mm rims, aluminium/carbon fibre frameset in chrome/black. Oh, it was absolutely amazing… Zipping around the city, long‑distance riding in the country… To move for! (laughing)

Based in📍Kyiv, Ukraine.