Over the last 4 years I've worked with companies like S&P, Microsoft, Equiniti, SumUp, helping them create new innovative products or revamp existing ones.

Most recently I was part of a team of product experts in one of top London UX agencies. As Senior Designer I was leading projects, working with the client and stakeholders, managing other designers, supporting on other projects.

Prior to that I was Product Designer in e-commerce, starting in a small company serving around 4500 online stores that was later acquired by SumUp, a large fintech with 1.5M customers that we were brought in to help start selling online. I led design effort on e-commerce, launched a couple of products that led to further developments, initiated and drove the development of a design system that served as a foundation for what is now a multi‑product suite.

Now I'm on a path of gaining Product Management and Digital Transformation skills, learning how to make companies resilient, data/tech‑driven, future‑ready.

My experience

First 2 years (9 years ago, 2014), having worked remotely in 3 startups (home services booking platform, travel itinerary booking platform, and a city guide) as a UI/UX designer and sometimes also doing web development, gave me an understanding of how front‑end works and how to design for it. These years also gave me a lot of breadth as the only designer in these startups – I did our branding and marketing content, lots of visual design.

Next 2,5 years I focused on UI/UX. I joined (remotely) a small Danish company developing a digital meeting solution – recording office meetings and generating minutes using speech recognition, AI&ML. I was responsible for designing a multi‑platform app (native iOS, Android, responsive web), and maintained a consistent design while utilising each platform's native features. I did a lot of prototyping and testing, Hi-fi prototyping with JS (Framer) to make the experience simple and intuitive through interaction design.

The following 2,5 years I was developing my UI/UX expertise working with a complex e‑commerce platform that later got acquired by a large fintech. When I joined it was a small Polish company, I worked on-site and was responsible for all aspects of design, all parts of the product, design system, marketing designs. This required developing systems thinking, and establishing best practices. I needed help to maintain quality at speed, so I initiated the process of hiring and then managed a more junior designer. Working on this product I started using data, talking to users and incorporating user feedback. The company was acquired by SumUp, and half of my experience at the company was enhanced/expanded by the new context, culture, and practices. I continued working on the existing product, but on top of that I was now tasked with integrating our platform into SumUp's multi‑product platform as well as designing a new online‑selling solution for a new type of user in a far larger market – EU and LATAM. Integrating our platform which was far more complex than everything else next to it in SumUp's suite of products revealed a need for a robust design system so that we and all other product teams could move forward efficiently and consistently. I found a like‑minded product designer in a team of then 20 designers, and we laid a scalable design system foundation for all teams to use, continuing it's development until we could hand it off to a newly hired systems designer.

Most recent 2,5 years (2021-2023) I wasn't focusing on the craft anymore. Having worked at a few product companies I moved on and tried a new format – design/product innovation consultancy (also remotely). I developed my thinking and processes, communication, project management and reporting, research and design strategy, stakeholder management and conflict resolution. I was part of a team of product experts in one of the top London UX agencies and designed solutions for clients like Euromoney, Equiniti, Roche, S&P, Survitec, WeaverLabs. Beyond providing UI/UX and project management services, we were also helping our clients become high‑performing product teams, assessing how mature and user‑centric their business is and providing necessary upskilling through workshops and training sessions. During this timeframe I also did a freelance project for Microsoft, a hi-fi interactive prototype to help validate an idea of a product.

Then I took a 6‑months break to review the past and plan the next 5-10 years.

Detailed work history on my LinkedIn.


Where I'm going

I will be choosing opportunities where I can learn critical business skills – get really good at working with data, business analysis and value creation, taking responsibility for managing the process of implementing the change. I want to learn how to leverage data and intelligence – Big data, AI&ML. Over time I want to gain the skills of digital transformation and use them to create positive change in my environment and society.

Today I'm happy to provide and expand my expertise in product innovation for industries that are strategic to where I live (Ukraine), as well as within the global context.


My availability

I am based in Kyiv, Ukraine 🇺🇦 and I'm available for full time work, remotely. Ukrainian tech scene has adapted and proved to be very resilient demonstrating growth, so can I assure you of my availability and high quality of work.

Updated Jan 19, 2024