SumUp was making card payments easy for 1.5 million businesses globally. To help those businesses sell to a far larger customer base and take orders online from around the world SumUp acquired Shoplo, an e‑commerce product company where I was working.

Since most our users were small businesses, first, we created a new, much simpler online selling solution as an MVP – Online Store Starter. Now it was time to prepare and test the advanced solution – Online Store Professional. This meant rebranding Shoplo and making it a natural part of SumUp. I was responsible for:

  1. Conceptual designs exploring the future of SumUp's multi‑product information architecture
  2. Rebranding of Shoplo's core product and integrating it into SumUp
  3. Website design and main visuals for Online Store Professional
  4. Maintaining and building on top of the design system

We launched the product in Ireland and, with Starter and Professional operating and collecting feedback in 8 European countries, it became clear that actually neither was a good solution.

Turned out that Professional was too much for most SumUp's merchants and that level of complexity was not going to pay off. And Starter, while making it easy to start selling online, was too simple and limiting for a lot of merchants. This informed the decision that creating a new solution, between Simple and Professional, was the right direction.



UX Design

UI Design

Web Design

Systems Design

Brand Design

10/2019 - 07/2020