After 7 years working at startups and product companies I tried a new format – design/product innovation consultancy (remotely).

I was part of a team of product experts in one of the top London UX agencies and designed solutions for clients like Euromoney, Equiniti, Roche, S&P, Survitec, WeaverLabs. Beyond providing design strategy, UI/UX, and project management services, we were also helping our clients become high‑performing product teams, assessing how mature and user‑centric their business is and providing necessary upskilling through workshops and training sessions.

I was no longer focusing on UI/UX, but developed my thinking and processes, communication skills, project management and reporting, stakeholder management and conflict resolution skills, research and design strategy.

I also learned about an entirely different level of people culture in a business environment – the environment of mutual respect and support, listening and understanding, being able to have someone's back when they go through a personal struggle and getting the same in return. I've built some very strong personal relationships at Lighthouse.

Selected projectsFllowing are the projects I've worked on in different capacity, from being a leading designer to supporting other leaders on their projects:

  1. S&P – 1. Data Lineage and Exception Management, product for enterprises to validate and distribute trade, operational, risk, financial and customer data.
    2. iLevel, product that helps general partners and limited partners streamline data collection, portfolio monitoring, analytics, valuation, and reporting.
  2. Roche – AI‑enabled product delivering health knowledge to patients on their health journey to make up for the lack of access to professional personalized treatment.
  3. Equiniti – Invoice finance product automating the process of onboarding, evaluating applicant's credit risk, and providing an indicative offer.
  4. Weaver Labs – platform that connects supply and demand of telecoms assets and manages the infrastructure to be used as a service.
  5. Euromoney, Airfinance Journal – revamping the Airline Analyst, data and analysis service that provides specialist data on the financial and operational performance of more than 300 airlines.
  6. Survitec – maritime asset management system that allows customers to view their entire fleet and assets or even a specific item within an asset to organise its timely recertification and compliance.




Project management and reporting

Stakeholder management

Conflict resolution


Design strategy

Project leadership


04/2021 - 06/2023


Shots of work

Selected clients

Some feedback for agency's Clutch

"The designer paid a lot of attention to detail, and wanted to understand the platform in order to deliver a good product. It wasn't rushed nor done in the surface, but with a lot of care and making sure each step was taken made sense from the perspective of the whole product."
"We can say with confidence that we look and feel like industry leaders because of Lighthouse’s work."